Professionally shot real estate photos pay for themselves

You don’t believe me? Think again. Realtors aren’t hiring pro photographers just for “the show”. Research by Redfin (2013) has shown good photography results in both faster sales as well as higher sales prices.

What not to do…

And we shouldn’t be surprised. In other industries, marketing bureaus are hired for tens of thousands of dollars to design flashy imagery for TV commercials to help sell the latest phone or car. And why would they do that. Because it is a marketing strategy that works.

Good marketing strategies are not only designed to get the word out, they also use a technique called “sensational transference” to help sell the product. On a subconscious level, people will believe that the more visually appealing the imagery is, the better and more desirable the product.

Realtors don’t like to see their listings go stale or sell far below asking price: non-selling listings hurt the bottom line and poor sale results can damage a realtor’s reputation.

Real estate photos are almost always the first impression buyers for a listing will engage with. Make sure it is a good experience and your bottom line will benefit from it.

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