Helping You Sell your Salt Spring Island Real Estate Listing

Everybody knows, the real estate business is competitive! To best market your Salt Spring Island property listing, here’s what you need.

Quality Photos

High quality photos are by far the most important tool to help you market your real estate listing, and PhotoPlan has got you covered. I have been providing realtors in Victoria and on Salt Spring Island with good visual content for over a decade, and continue to do so. Below is a sample of Salt Spring Island homes I recently shot.

Floor Plans

A close second, as far as essential marketing visuals for real estate listings go, is the floor plan. It is THE tool for buyers to help them visualize the layout of their new home.

To make our floor plans as insightful as possible, we use colour to distinguish between the various types of rooms in the house. Yellow is used for living space (living, dining, kitchen and hallways), blue for bedrooms, turquoise for bathrooms, and any other room will get another contrasting colour. We also include decks and garages in our plans, as well as patios and plants.

See for samples our PhotoPlan Salt Spring Island page.

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