Why buyers find PhotoPlan Floor Plans so easy to read.

One of the best ways to sell a home is using the help of a professional real estate photographer to provide you with attractive interior and exterior photography. But what about floor plans, what good do they do?

Floor plans continue to offer great value, as they are an essential in helping buyers visualize the layout of the home. It literally is a map, designed to inform a buyer about the number of floors, the layout of each floor, the dimensions of the rooms, and the size of a garage, deck, patio or balcony and so on. Floor plans give buyers an accurate representation of a home’s layout, and can emphasize what features it has to offer. Once a buyer likes the plan, they can start envisioning what they want to do with the space (decoration, furniture, etc.) which brings you as a realtor one step closer to your sale.

At PhotoPlan I offer Colour Floor Plans to maximize the insight a plan has to offer. On our plans general areas are coloured yellow, bedroom are coloured blue, and bathrooms and en-suites are coloured turquoise. This makes reading a PhotoPlan Floor Plan so much easier!

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